Monday, August 25, 2008

What can I say about China

As many of you know, I came here to work at the Olympics, so what can I tell you about China.

I have been here for three weeks and I swear I wouldn't even know the Olympics were going on. Beijing is a wonderful place.  Sure there is poverty, and other issues, but what makes a city? Or country?

I can tell you this, I have met some incredible people here, some I worked with, some just traveling around town.   Everyone was so nice!  One of the camera men I worked with came here two years ago.  I asked him why, he said he wants people to see what China has to offer. The way the western world views China is not the way he experiences it!  I tend to agree.  There is no doubt that this is a coming out party for China.  There are 1 billion people more here than in the states, and alot of issues to deal with, but this country is up and coming, and look out!

I would love to come back and see this part of the world in a couple years.  I hope that China moves forward.  I am glad that I came here for the Olympics, and even more excited that I experienced a city that didn't feel like the Olympics were even here!

Beijing I welcome another visit to you soon!  And I am so glad that I met so many real people!



Up To My Ears In Mini Horses said...

I was there over 10 years ago, and I am sure it has changed since then.
I hope you can go back again.
When you come home, put more pictures up in your spare tme.

Radio Man said...

Very well said! What an experience. As I said before, a long ways from channel 43.
I also would like to see more pictures when you have time to put them on. When are you coming home?
Did you have a chance or opportunity to see any of NBC's TV facilities?
Have a safe trip home.


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