Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A quick cruise around town

Today in Beijing, we got out and about.  There is alot of traffic here.  Keep in mind half the cars are always off the road due to the Olympics.  Odd license plates one day, evens the next.  But you would never know it!  I have driven in San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, LA, San Diego, even in London.....That does nothing to prepare you for this traffic.  Not five minutes in I saw my first accident. And, by the way, this wasn't even rush hour, this is 11 am traffic!
Also, notice the crazy building straight ahead.  This city has some great architecture!  Hopefully I will get to see more!  I am informed that this is a 6 star hotel, one of a handful.  What you don't really see, is on the building there are 4 large screen TV's each about 40 to 50 feet tall!

By the way, a 20 minute cab ride cost us $43 RMB . . .

which is only $7 US, what a deal


Nap Warden said...


Sandy C. said...

Man, I just spent $8 to go a quarter mile down Canal Street in NYC this weekend. That cab fare rocks!

Love this little peek into Beijing :)

I was sent over via Nap Warder!

Up To My Ears In Mini Horses said...

Glad to see you could find the time to post a blog. It is really great we all get to take a peek into what you are doing while there.

27 Jennifers said...

Quit goofin' around and get to work!


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